Download install and configure Eclipse

Please follow the steps below to setup the Eclipse IDE.

  1. Please download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers or Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers for your operating system from:
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and start Eclipse by running Eclipse.exe (on Windows) or ./eclipse (on Linux/Unix/Mac OS X).
  3. Install the Maven Integration for Eclipse (m2e) - to do that in Eclipse go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace and search for this plugin (see below), then click install and follow the instructions, accept the license agreement and finally restart Eclipse.

    Install Maven Plugin

Import Sorcer service provider project

To import the project generated using the Sorcer Provider Archetype into eclipse please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to: File -> Import... and select Maven -> Existing Maven Projects

    Import maven project

  2. Next, browse and select the top-level directory of the generated service provider project (Hello in the example below) When you do it for the first time it may take a couple minutes since Eclipse will try to download all necessary plugins and libraries.

    Select project to import

  3. Once this directory is selected you can selects defaults or directly click on Finish.

Compile and run the project

To enforce a manual compilation of the project in Eclipse select the particular module you’d like to compile or the top-level project (Hello in the example below) to compile all modules. Next right click it, go to: Run as and select Maven clean or Maven install respectively.

Select project to import

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Version: 1.0. Last Published: 2014-10-15.