Sorcersoft offers a federated computing platform that is service-oriented, reliable, scalable, and customizable for solving complex design and modeling problems. The platform cuts across boundaries within and between organizations and engages participants with more regard for their expertise and motivation than their formal roles. Our firm’s conviction is that federated computing can be made easy for engineers and scientists, so we concentrate on the 3xE concept: Easy to Create, Easy to Deploy and Easy to Invoke services.

Support and tools for SORCER S.A. provides:

  • Graphical tools that enable users and service developers to easily create, deploy and use the SORCER platform.
  • Professional training on the SORCER platform, developing services and deploying them in your own environment.
  • Commercial technical support and more!


Should you require any further information please have a look at the companies’ website at: or contact us by email:


Professionals with over 20 years of experience in concurrent engineering have established Sorcersoft. A creator of SORCER and the Sorcersoft’s co-founder, dr. Mike Sobolewski has contributed to several multi-million dollar projects realized in the U.S.A. and invented solutions that help the aerospace industry; in particular GE Aviation and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to design the next generation of engines and air vehicles. Our team focuses on innovations in globally distributed computing that yields substantial long-term improvements in the ways that people collaborate and share network resources.

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Version: 1.0. Last Published: 2014-10-15.