License and Dependencies

Sorcer is distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Sorcer distribution contains third-party software libraries that are subject to their respective licenses. You can find these licenses in the Sorcer installation folder in the docs/licenses subfolder. For details please consult the websites of the respective projects before using any of these libraries in your own environment.

Download Sorcer 1.0

Sorcer 1.0 is the latest release available.

Type Link Size Signature Date
Sorcer 1.0 ZIP release zip Download 79 MB MD5 15/10/2014
Sorcer 1.0 Windows setup exe Download 80 MB MD5 15/10/2014
Sorcer 1.0 cross-platform setup jar Download 80 MB MD5 15/10/2014

Pick the most suitable distribution for you:

  • if you're running Windows - use the Windows EXE setup file
  • on other OSes use the JAR installer. After you've downloaded the file you can try double-clicking it, however, depending on your OS configuration this may not invoke the installer. In that case open a terminal window and run
    java -jar sorcer-1.0-setup.jar
  • if you prefer a manual install please use the zip file.

Previous unstable releases are available on our Sourceforge Site HERE

  • Installation on a headless machine If you only have a console based (headless) access to a machine you can perform the installation using the text-based installer by invoking:
    java  -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar sorcer-1.0-setup.jar

Sorcer 1.0

If you would like to test a more feature rich but less stable version, please check out the current version on GitHub:

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Version: 1.0. Last Published: 2014-10-15.