The Service ORiented Computing EnviRonment (SORCER) is a distributed computing platform implemented in Java. It allows writing network-programs (called “exertions”) that operate on wrapped applications (services) spread across the network. SORCER is often utilized in similar scenarios to those where grids are used (Grid computing) to run parallel tasks.

SORCER introduces a novel service-oriented programming model that uses federations of services dynamically found in the whole network to execute network-programs (exertions). Dynamically federated services integrate various science and engineering domains fostering transdisciplinary modeling and programming. A friendly and intuitive service-oriented programming model allows the users to dynamically compose the relevant service federations. These federations range from tens to thousands or even millions of services and execute in the global network with an unprecedented level of reliability.

More about SORCER

To read more about SORCER’s details and its applications please have a look at the resources available at:

SORCER history

You can read more about the history of the project and its authors at:

Getting started

Please read our getting started guide to learn how to install and run the SORCER platform or go directly to our download page. Inside the SORCER distribution you will find examples that you can easily build and run to learn more about SORCER. Once you get the basic services running please take a look at the Creating new Sorcer services guide to see how to start developing your own SORCER services.

About SORCER Research

If you are interested in reading more about SORCER, please refer to our project’s scientific page at: S.A.

If you need professional help or would like to know more about our team please have a look at the’s website or the support page.

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Version: 1.0. Last Published: 2014-10-15.